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Marion Richardson

Visual Impairment Awareness

We were very lucky to have the charity East London Vision come to visit our school. The Charity works with blind and partially sighted people throughout East London helping to improve their quality of life and increase individual independence.

Our Year 5 children were able to take part in a Visual Impairment Awareness afternoon with Great Britain Paralympian Athlete Roy Smith MBE and England Visually Impaired Cricket International Hassan Khan. They led a cricket session, which allowed the children to experience what it would be like to be visually impaired. The children were given simulation specs, blind folds and used specialist equipment to be taught how to use their other senses to allow them to take part in a sporting activity.

We also had Roger Clifton, Chief Executive Officer of East London Vision come and give our children a talk on the challenges someone who is visually impaired may face. The afternoon was a huge success and we hope the children were able to take something from this fascinating experience.

Photos by Barbara Luckhurst