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Marion Richardson

Family Learning

At Marion Richardson we encourage parents to get involved in their child’s learning. We offer the following:

Curriculum Workshops

Parents from each year group are offered two workshops led by teachers on how to support their child with Maths and English.

In addition, each year we offer a three week course called Maths for Dads, to enable fathers to understand how to support their child’s learning through playing maths games and using every day activities to support their child’s understanding of maths.

Maths with Dads

                                           Maths with Dads- certificate presentation

Family Learning Outings 
Through our partnership with the Apples and Pears Foundation we are able to offer every child the opportunity to go on two trips  with their parents  to a museum or London landmark, a year .These trips take place on a Saturday morning from 9.30-12.30. One trip is with their fathers/uncles/cousins and one is for mothers /aunties to come on with their children.

All the trips are linked to the topics the children are studying in class. About 170 children came on trips last year .

In  2015/6:

EYFS went to Discover Story telling centre and the Half Moon Theatre

Year 1 went to the Queen Elisabeth park and The Transport Museum

Year 2 went to the Monument and London Museum and on an I SPY around London

Year 3 went to the National Theatre for a drama workshop and on the Cable car

Year 4 went to the Tin Tin exhibition and to the Crystal Museum

Year 5 went to the Planetarium and to a 5D cinema

Year 6 went Ice skating  and Tenpin Bowling

Family Learning OutingsFamily Learning Outings   Family Outing 3Family Outing 4


Family Homework

As part of the Stepney Partnership all children are given a holiday homework project to do at half terms and the Christmas and Easter Holidays.